Pantone colors in print media are considered to be the standard. Sk1n takes that standardization of color, applying it to skin tone (inspiration from 'Humanae', by Angelika Dass). My aim is to create a computer generated drawing using the data, giving a "skin color" to a computer screen. the primitives chosen, a mix of arcs, lines, ellipses, triangles, rectangles, and quadrangles, are placed and overlaped in order to attempt to represent the texture of human skin. 6 different color vaules are chosen, 2 sets of "light, mid, and dark" tones, which were referenced from Dass's Piece. The RGB vaules for these tones were used. Sk1n is concerned with the idea of applying coroporate enforced (Pantone) skin tones to a machine generated drawing. This results in giving a human-like color to something as cold as a computer screen. The pigmentation of our skin is a marker of separation; classification. The heirarchy is man-made. Sk1n creates a conversation of systems of organization, and oppression.